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Vancouver Food Carts

Posted: 09/17/11

Vancouver Food Carts

Restaurant: La_Brasserie_Street Re_up_BBQ Vancouver

Nelson @ Downtown Vancouver: Food carts have recently(?) become very popular in Vancouver. There's even an app for iOS showing locations and opening times! Besides Japadog, we tried Re-Up BBQ and La Brasserie Street. We were sad we didn't get to try these the previous day, so we went before lunch to make sure they were open and hadn't sold out yet.

La Brasserie serves one item: Brass Chicken Sandwich. It's beer brined chicken in gravy on a buttermilk bun topped with crispy onions. Normally you wouldn't think a chicken sandwich would be that good, but this one pleasantly surprised me. Lot's of gravy made the sandwich moist and it wasn't too messy either since it's freshly put together and the bun soaks the gravy up. The chicken is broken up into pieces so you don't get dryness, just soft tasty chicken. The crispy onions really add a crunch to the sandwich and overall it tasted great. Really good for a chicken sandwich!

Re-Up BBQ sells two items, a pulled pork and a beef brisket and we opted for the pulled pork. They cut our sandwich in half so that it could be shared, so it doesn't look as impressive in the picture, but as you can see it's stuffed with pork, cole slaw and BBQ sauce. When you bite into it you get a nice peppery taste that is unexpected for pulled pork (usually it's really sweet), but this was really tasty. I also liked having the cole slaw in the sandwich. Surprisingly I liked the chicken better, but maybe that's because we had it first and were hungrier, but this was still good.

I'm happy we were able to make it out and catch these carts! Toronto really has to step it up!

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  • Yeah, my coworker had confirmed that it was only a recent thing these trucks existed.
    dre @ 2011-09-17

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