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Sixth Stop: Original Guu

Posted: 09/15/11

Sixth Stop: Original Guu

Restaurant: Guu Vancouver

Nelson: This is the one that started it all. It is surprisingly small and intimate and bit difficult to find, but I guess they found success with their menu. In fact their menu is very similar to the one in Toronto and the reproduction of those dishes in Toronto is very similar. As a result I don't think there is a huge difference from the Vancouver location to the Toronto one...only perhaps the freshness of some of the ingredients.

Here are the dishes we managed to try:

Tako Wasabi (marinated octopus & wasabi stem) which is the same in Toronto and still strong tasting

Shrimp/tuna/scallop salad (great ingredients just a little difficult to share)

Yaki Udon (pan fried udon w/ beef, mushroom, green onion & soy sauce + butter)

Karaage (deep fried chicken served with garlic mayo) which was deep fried to perfection and tastes great with mayo

Takoyaki (I don't think I tried this one this time)

Ebi Mayo (deep fried prawan with chili mayo) which looks and tastes was so good we ordered two dishes

King Salmon (not sure what the difference from regular salmon is, but the portion was a little small)

Kimchi udon (udon w/ spicy cod roe, soy sauce, butter, kimchi & green onions)

Smoked salmon and tomato salad (which didn't taste that smokey, but do enjoy salads with salmon + tomato)

Grilled squid leg w/ salt (just a tad rubbery)

BBQ pork on rice (the fat and lean parts were separated and overall had a nice soft feeling and great taste)

Crispy shrimp beancurd rolls (I liked these the best of all the dishes that night...just a nice portion of shrimp wrapped in perfectly cooked bean curd)

Masa style bbq pork (I don't know what masa style is, but it tasted different from the first BBQ dish).

So I'm glad I visited the original Guu now, but now I would like to try the other Guus in Vancouver. If their goal in Toronto was to recreate the menu from the Vancouver location, they have done a splendid job. I would say the atmosphere is even better in Toronto because of the one large room where you can see all the action and all the other patrons. I think the great menu and variety of quality foods really distinguishes Guu and caused it to become a phenomenon.

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