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Fifth Stop: Japadog Store

Posted: 09/14/11

Fifth Stop: Japadog Store

Restaurant: Japadog Vancouver

Nelson: Japadog actually has a bricks and mortar store and they too sell unique items. It makes sense that they sell ice cream dogs (Age Ice) here since refrigeration is nearby. We picked the black sesame (Kurogoma). They explain it as ice cream with a fried bun, a traditional food in Japan often eaten with school lunch therefore bringing back old memories. To me it's ice cream in a bun! The bun itself is sweet, almost sweeter than the ice cream for this flavour. A bit messy to eat since the ice cream gets runny, but a nice dessert.

I also tried the terimayo, which is the 1st Japadog. It's a beef sausage with teriyaki sauce, mayo, fried onion and seaweed. This had a nice balance of flavours and I can see why Japadogs started to become popular. The last one is Okonomi with kurobuta (pork) with special Japanese sauce, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes and fried cabbage. Bonito flakes always move and look impressive. I tried a bite of this one, and it was ok. The terimayo was my favourite.

Too bad Toronto doesn't have anything as creative or original as Japadog. It's a little pricey, but it's always busy, so they must be raking it in.

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  • After having one yesterday, I think they are easy to make... I'm going to go home and make a "chinadog" - glorified hot dog with fried noodles haha
    dre @ 2011-09-14

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