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Fourth stop: Phnom Penh

Posted: 09/13/11

Fourth stop: Phnom Penh

Restaurant: Phnom_Penh Vancouver

Nelson @ Chinatown: So you think you've had every single variety of chicken wing possible? Think again. This cambodian/viet place is hyped up from all the bloggers in part because of the wings.

But first the underrated crab roll. With a bean curd shell and deep fried to a crunchy, pleasant amount, this is a phenomenal dish. Not to mention the tasty crab insides. It doesn't need any sauce, but it comes with some peanut and sweet sauce anyway. Excellent.

Now the famous chicken wings. These are deep fried to perfection, juicy and hot on the inside, crispy on the outside without being crisp. The topping is like the salty spicy flavouring you get with Chinese pork chops, but also with a bit of sweetness AND sourness AND MSG taste. So really it hits you at all the senses, but in a nice way. The sourness is from a lemon/lime, so it gives it a fresh taste. It doesn't taste overly oily or fatty, just savoury and tasty. Really great.

Lastly, the soup is like a pho soup, but more sour and more salty. Interesting taste, and definitely very flavourful.

They must have s super deep fryer in the back or something. Really great food here and the only other dish I want to try is the butter beef. I'll save that for the next time I'm in Vancouver.

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  • I love all the food here!! Anything similar in TO?
    Lor @ 2011-09-20

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