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Third Stop: Apres-midi

Posted: 09/12/11

Third Stop: Apres-midi

Restaurant: Apres_midi Vancouver

Nelson: If you ever do a food crawl, I don't recommend going on a Monday, because a lot of restaurants take that day off. This picture is of a some tea we got at Apres-Midi, in the middle of Gastown (kinda like Toronto's distillery district). They have numerous crazy types of tea, all of which you are "smellable" from their sampling rack. After you pick one they steept and strain it in front of your. I tried the Market Spice chilled, which had a very strong cinnamon taste and was also very sweet, but surprisingly had no added sugar. I couldn't imagine something that tasted this sweet without adding sugar.

Other places that we tried to go, but were closed or we were too full (we didn't pace ourselves well enough) include Bun Me, a viet sandwich cart (I love viet sandwiches, but was too full when we passed by), the Re-up BBQ food cart (which had closed up for the day) and Bee Kim Heng (jerky, closed on Mondays). Oh well, will have to try them next time....and maybe next time means the next day??? Stay tuned!

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