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Second Stop: Well Tea

Posted: 09/11/11

Second Stop: Well Tea

Restaurant: Vancouver Well_Tea

Nelson @ Downtown Vancouver: Apparently Taiwanese places are becoming more popular in Vancouver. Too bad that's not the case in Toronto. Well Tea is right in Downtown Vancouver and there's a poster out front explaining the best items to order. Naturally we tried most of them.

The first is of course the bubble tea, including Fresh Taro Milk Tea and a Rose Grenadine green milk tea. Kitty's Drink, the rose one, had overpowering rose taste and was a little too sweet. My fresh taro bubble tea (with jelly, as I don't like tapioca) was amazing. First of all, I love taro, and this one had fresh taro chunks in the tea. It was the best bubble tea I've had and rightfully so, it was their number one recommendation.

For the courses, we tried their first two recommendations. Number 2 was the chicken nuggets and we got it with the curry sauce. This Taiwanese style frying technique for chicken is really tasty and this one was made well too. It comes out piping hot so it's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and it's doused in a Chinese style curry sauce. Excellent. It came with some appetizers as well, cucumbers, mushroom/potato and wintermelon (I think). This was my favourite dish here.

The next one we tried was the Taiwanese sausage with rice. I generally like Taiwanese sausage, which is usually sweet and this one was sweet as well, but I've had better.

Lastly, the number one recommended dish is the Chicken with three spices. I know one of them is basil, I think one is ginger, and I'm not sure what the third one is. It did have a very strong, fragrant, distinct taste, but it wasn't my favourite. Also, the bones in the chicken were a little annoying. Unique taste though that tickled my taste buds, so that was nice.

I like the concept of a Taiwanese eatery. I should try to find more in Toronto.

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