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Start of Vancouver Food Crawl: Solly's Bagelry for Breakfast

Posted: 09/10/11

Start of Vancouver Food Crawl: Solly's Bagelry for Breakfast

Restaurant: Sollys_Bagelry Vancouver

Nelson @ 7th & Yukon: Diana asked us what we wanted to do with her in Vancouver and after discussing it for a little while we decided to do a Vancouver food crawl!

For breakfast, Diana took us to a local bagel shop called Solly's. It was really nice inside, but the star of the show was the the smoked salmon smear on the everything bagel. The cream cheese has real smoked salmon throughout the spread! Awesome! This was an excellent way to start the day. We also split a pig in the blanket which was nice and hot. Diana is lucky to have such a great breakfast within walking distance of her home!

Solly's Bagelry (Mt. Pleasant) on Urbanspoon


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  • Mmmm bagel!
    Diana @ 2011-09-12

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