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BBQ Vancouver Style

Posted: 09/09/11

BBQ Vancouver Style

Restaurant: Vancouver

Nelson: Kitty's cousin Julian invited us over for some BBQ. We went out and bought the ingredients and I got to see what the supermarket sells in Vancouver. Not surprisingly, they sold a lot of fresh seafood and you can buy things like smoked salmon, oysters, shrimp and scallop, all fresh, not frozen (except for the scallop). Definitely not something you can buy in Toronto.

I shucked these oysters with a sharp oyster knife which made me a tad nervous. I think I did an alright job, but I find sometimes I let the liquid out by mistake. So room for improvement and most importantly, I didn't cut myself.

We also bought a prepared salmon with lemon and dill and we did this in the oven and it turned out well. Not sure if it would have worth it to season ourselves but it was convenient. Next is a smoked salmon that I saw and wanted to try. We threw it on the BBQ, but it started to stain it. It did have a bit of a smokey taste, but not as much as I was hoping. The meat was pretty firm, but overall a little disappointed and it's definitely not similar to lox.

Next is a picture of a spread of vegetables including some fried okra. We also tossed a nice salad (not pictured). After is some chicken wings marinated in BBQ sauce and we also had some sausages which are not pictured. The tiger shrimp was pan fried and this variety was already deveined. We just put it in the pan and waited it to turn pink. Really easy to make and really tasty.

We also had some steak and some BBQed scallop, which isn't something I typically would have but it was quite good.

Some really good foods, especially the seafood and I really enjoyed myself. We had a lot of people here including lot's of kids. Thanks for hosting Julian!


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