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Dim Sum in Vancouver

Posted: 09/08/11

Dim Sum in Vancouver

Restaurant: Prince_Seafood_Restaurant Vancouver

Nelson @ Grandview & Renfrew: I always heard that they have good Chinese food in Vancouver, but never got the chance to try any. We tried the Dim Sum and while bad Dim Sum is obvious, it's hard to distinguish decent Dim Sum to great Dim Sum. This place has decent Dim Sum, nothing to complain about.

The meatballs in the back were decent, with a lot of ginger, which I'm not a huge fan of. The mailo gao (left) was also typical. The cheung fun came with some veggies which was a nice addition. The eggplant was really well done and the siu mai were quite large. Something I don't typically get is the honey dipped donut like pastries, which were sweeter than I expected. The BBQ pork buns were excellent here, and the dumplings and BBQ pork pastry I didn't try myself.

We also had a rice porridge with large chunks of fish, larger than Toronto standards and the last picture is of a vermicelli and noodle combo. Normally I don't like vermicelli, but this one I liked strangely enough. Not sure whether it was the preparation or the fact that there is also regular noodles in it.

The second last picture is a restaurant specialty, which is pork feet in a vinegar. Like chicken feet you have to really like pork skin. The vinegar taste was quite strong as well. Overall I personally didn't like this dish too much, but for some reason I think that older people enjoy this dish - and that when I'm older I may develop the taste for it as well.

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