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Sushi California

Posted: 09/06/11

Sushi California

Restaurant: Coquitlam Sushi_California Vancouver

Nelson Coquitlam: We went really far to try this place, but Sam and Eva promised that it was worth the trip. Just based on the first picture alone, the spicy tuna sashimi, it was well worth it. Gigantic chunks of tuna covered in a spicy Korean-like hot sauce, this dish tasted perfect. It had a bit of spiciness, a bit of sweetness, the nice fattiness of the tuna and smooth texture of sashimi. Just wonderful.

Of course we once again ordered the Toro Sashimi (Tuna Belly) since we were in Vancouver. Once again it did not disappoint, with large portions and a fresh taste.

For the rolls, we had the Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll (cream cheese, red pepper, mango, crabmeat with smoked salmon on top) at the top right, the house roll on the bottom right (Tuna, Salmon, Tamago, Lettuce, cucumber, tobiko, mayo, crabmeat) and another one I'm not quite sure which. Decent, although the house roll was much too large and came apart. I guess it's good "value", but really it's just poor construction or greed.

The next picture is of the chopped scallop, with a lot of mayo, but tasted good overall. The udon soup had a nice variety of ingredients, but it was mostly for Sam since he wasn't feeling too well and I didn't really try it.

The rice dish is the Ishi Yaki (hot stone bowl with fish roe and vegetables on rice). This was really good because there were different flavours and textures, but they all went well together. I like how the fish roe gives a bit of crunch, while the rice is alternatively soft or hard depending on how close it is to the bowl. I'm thinking I should try more of these hot stone bowls. Lastly is a kalbi, but something we can get in Toronto with the similar quality, not that it was bad or anything.

So in the end, it was worth the drive, even if it we went for just the spicy tuna. The rest was just bonus.

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