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Night Market in Richmond

Posted: 09/05/11

Night Market in Richmond

Restaurant: Richmond Vancouver

Nelson @ Richmond Night Market: The night market is in the middle of nowhere and requires quite the walk to get there since there is inadequate parking. But they have this every week in the summer, which is more than you can say about Toronto's. I was disappointed that there was no stinky tofu, but we managed to try a lot of the other selections there.

The first picture is of the tornado chips, which looks impressive, but is similar to just thick cut potato chips. The toppings were quite salty (and tasty), with one being pleasantly spicy. We also had some skewers from Xin Jiang Man BBQ and it turns out the lamb was the best. Interestingly, they had a manto (Northern China buns) skewer which was quite unique. Next on the list is takoyaki balls which you can't go wrong with.

The next few pictures are of various dim sum, but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to try any, but it looked really good. We did end up ordering some fish siu mai, but they were only ok. Next few pictures are interesting, but we didn't try it - the first is turkey drumsticks, which look huge and then some fruit on a stick.

We ordered a few fish pastries with filling inside. There was chocolate, bavarian cream, red bean and sesame. These were really good.

Overall decent selection, but I was really looking forward to the stinky tofu. I really wish Toronto had this weekly as Vancouver has the right idea. Maybe sometime in the future.

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  • Awee no stinky tofu? If you went just last weekend, I think they were @ the TW Fest.
    I had the jumbo drumstick, I felt like a cavewoman walking and eating it LOL
    GloriaI @ 2011-09-06

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