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Posted: 09/04/11


Restaurant: Kadoya Vancouver

Nelson: This Japanese restaurant is near Stanley park, at a prime location. We ordered the set meal which came with a variety of foods including a choice for rolls. For the rolls from left to right, we got Sakura (Spicy Tuna, Chopped Scallop), Volcano (Spicy Salmon, scallop with black sesame sauce), rainbow (imitation crab meat, assorted sashimi, tobiko), and further down the Kadoya (Deep Fried Salmon Skin, Tuna Tempura). There was also sashimi (not spectacular, but adequate), miso soup, salad and seafood fried rice (just slightly hard rice, otherwise would have been really good). Next is tempura, the Kadoya roll, salmon and beef teriyaki (I liked the vegetables in these dishes). The last shot is a closeup of the various rolls.

Decent place, just not the best, but great location and atmosphere.

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