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Japadog (Burrard & Smithe)

Posted: 09/03/11

Japadog (Burrard & Smithe)

Restaurant: Japadog Vancouver

Nelson @ Smithe Japadog: Japadog is a famous food cart in Vancouver that was started because the Japanese owner could only get a license to sell hot dogs. So he started adding japanese ingredients to the hot dogs, called it Japadogs and the rest is history. Last time I was sorely disappointed that I wasn't able to try any, so this time I made sure to go as soon as possible.

They have multiple locations and some special Japadogs you can only get at each location. This location's specialty was the Edamame Terimayo. The sausage has Edamame embedded in the sausage and topped with mayo, onions and seaweed. I thought it was innovative, but the Edamame which already is a little tasteless had a hard time standing out from the surrounding sausage and toppings. You can definitely feel the texture of the beans though. Otherwise, the Japanese toppings on top of the sausage go better than you would expect, especially the mayo sauce, resulting in a really tasty hot dog.

I ordered the Oroshi with traditional Japanese toppings including radish, green onions and soy sauce. I really liked the sausage itself and the other toppings while light tasting were good. Interesting combo, but I think I prefer Kitty's choice in this case.

A little pricey, but I'm surely going to be disappointed by the next "normal" hot dog I have.

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