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Marulilu Cafe

Posted: 09/02/11

Marulilu Cafe

Restaurant: Marulilu_Cafe Vancouver

Nelson @ Vancouver: A leisurely breakfast is a sure sign that I'm on vacation. Diana once again suggested this place and since I've never had a Japanese style breakfast before, we checked it out. Appropriately, I had the "Japanese Style Breakfast" (grilled salmon, plain omelet, rice, miso soup, tofu). Honestly it wasn't anything too special and although it had a lot of variety nothing was unusual. My favourite was actually the tofu, but it wasn't even the freshest I've had before. The omelet and salmon were plain, but were still enjoyable. A very simple meal.

Kitty had the Eggs Benny with smoked salmon. The salmon itself was quite salty, but the Hollandaise sauce was light. So a little overpowering taste from the fish, but presented very nicely.

So now I know what people in Japan eat for breakfast. Light and simple, which is contrasts an American style breakfast. Perhaps that's also why Americans are so obese when compared to the Japanese people.

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