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Posted: 09/01/11


Restaurant: Sushiyama Vancouver

Nelson @ Vancouver: I'm skipping ahead to my recent trip to Vancouver where my first 6 meals were Japanese food, only to be interrupted by the wedding. Last time I was there, I thought the Japanese food was the best I've had (haven't been to Japan yet) because the fish is really fresh. Diana, our gracious hosts, took us to a local sushi place after landing hungry.

For the rolls, we tried the 2 of the Chopped Scallop Roll (chopped scallop with masago and mayo), dynamite roll (prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber, mayo, masago), Philadelphia roll (cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, smoked salmon) and Kamikaze roll (tuna, spicy sauce, cucumber, avocado, masago, crab meat, mayo) in the back. These were all well made and didn't have too much rice. Dee suggested the scallop rolls, and these were really really good. I think I like raw scallop in a roll better than just by itself. The other rolls were also really good, especially because I like the spicy sauce in the Kamikaze. The cream cheese is not my favourite in general, but this one tasted better than I remember. Maybe I'll start liking this more and more.

For sashimi, we right away ordered the toro (tuna belly) since it's hard to get in Toronto. Such large pieces of delectable fatty tuna. So good. We also ordered the wild salmon which is very red in colour as opposed to the usual orange colour for farmed salmon. It's more flavourful as well and unobtainable in Toronto. Lastly is some regular tuna, very thickly sliced and also very good.

Off to a good start, this was an excellent meal. Thanks Diana!

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