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California Sandwiches

Posted: 08/31/11

California Sandwiches

Restaurant: California_Sandwiches Mississauga

Nelson @ Heartland: Always wanted to try this place and finally did. We tried the veal and the steak w/ onions. The veal is a fairly generous size and very very thin, although I'm not sure whether that's good or bad. Even though the veal was covered in sauce and there was cheese, it still felt kinda dry in the mouth. Maybe I should have splurged and got the mushrooms and sweet peppers as well. The beef was only ok, because it was really tendony and I was not able to get clean bites out of the sandwich...slices of beef kept coming out with every bite. Big portions though which is nice. A little disappointed, especially since I like this type of sandwich and the ones Dre bought at other locations looked better.

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