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Posted: 08/23/11


Restaurant: Grazie Vaughan

Nelson @ Vaughan Mills: Finally came here after so many recommendations from Dre. The bread service is fresh and of course the customary olive oil and balsamic vinegar so common at Italian restaurants.

Kitty had the Catrina (Spinach linguini with grilled chicken, pancetta, diced onions and black peppercorns) and while the pasta was good, the chicken was overcooked. The sauce was pretty good though.

I had the Firenze (my favourite city in Italy) with potatoes, pesto, grilled chicken, grilled eggplant, diced tomatoes and a touch of mozzarella. Overall very good, I especially liked the pesto sauce. I thought it need more potatoes and that the chicken taste was overpowered. It's hard to have chicken on a pizza and net get overpowered by the cheese and sauce, so usually you have to do something with the chicken to make it tastier. Still pretty good though.

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