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Summer of the Snack Size McFlurry's and Blizzards

Posted: 08/28/11

Summer of the Snack Size McFlurry's and Blizzards

Restaurant: Dairy_Queen McDonalds

dre: McDonald's had a new snack size McFlurry for $1.99. Also, you are able to mix and match toppings and sauces to go in your McFlurry. I was up for trying all combinations all summer!

The first time, Mike got an Oreo McFlurry with strawberry sauce, and I had the Golden Oreo McFlurry with hot fudge sauce. Mike's version was pretty good, and mine was just too sweet.

The next one, I tried Golden Oreo McFlurry with Strawberry sauce, and I liked it.

Picture 3 - Golden Oreo and Rolo sauce. This was really really really really sweet. Too chocolately and caramelly.

Picture 4 - Smarties and caramel sauce. Not a fan of chopped up Smarties. And not a huge fan of caramel. I did this one just to try out the combo.

Picture 5 - Thankfully, I was with Nelson during #4, and he had ordered Nestle chocolate bits with strawberry sauce. I was hesitating on that combination, and good thing I didn't actually have to order it to take a picture of it. He commented that he ate it really quickly as it was melting in the car :)

I don't feel the need to try anymore combinations and have concluded that the McFlurry with Oreo or Golden Oreo without any sauces is the best way to go. Sometimes, the original version just tastes the best!

Since I have ice cream posted, I thought I would include 2 Blizzards that we ate one hot summer night. On the right is the Strawberry CheeseQuake, which is my favourite, and Mike tried the Hawaiian Blizzards, which includes coconut flakes, bananas, and pineapple. The Hawaiian one melted really really quickly, and wasn't as enjoyable.

Which one do you prefer, McFlurrys or Blizzards? They both claim to use milk instead of cream in their ice creams, but I find Blizzards better tasting. Unfortunately, Blizzards are also more expensive and McDonald's is more abundant and easier to find.


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