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New Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga

Posted: 08/26/11

New Chinese Restaurant in Mississauga

Restaurant: Mississauga Regal_Palace

dre @ Mississauga Rd & Erin Mills Pkwy: A new Chinese restaurant opened up in Mississauga, so we went there with Mike's family friends who were visiting from out of town. It had just opened about 2 week prior to our visit and the place was so clean.

The parents ordered a bunch of dishes that all came really quickly. Greens, such as baby bok choy, and bitter melon stir fried with beef are some dinner staples. They knew I love chicken, so a free-running chicken was ordered :)

The next dish is a stir-fry of ox-tongue, and even though I eat most things, after I put that in my mouth, I knew it wasn't chicken and got a little nauseous.

A couple of clay pots of tofu and pork, and shrimp and eggplant were ordered. I really liked the shrimp one.

The next vegetable dish actually looked better than it tasted. The last clay pot is vermicelli noodles with some melons.

We also got some red bean soup.

All in all, it's another generic Chinese restaurant, so if the parents want to come here next time, I have no objections.

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