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Khao San Road

Posted: 08/24/11

Khao San Road

Restaurant: Khao_San_Road Toronto

dre @ Adelaide & Peter: A week after we ate at Sukho Thai (ST), we were downtown again to catch a Jays game (which they lost terribly). We decided to try out Khao San Road for lunch, which is owned by the same people as ST. The location was super convenient to us, the decor was much nicer, and all these factors reflected in the prices of the dishes. I believe each dish was $3-5 more expensive than its Sukho Thai counterpart. We ordered the exact same things to compare as the ST experience was still fresh in our minds.

Sam Ros Pad Thai - This dish was sweeter, and I liked the ST version more. In fact, I still think that ST had the best Pad Thai I've ever tasted in my life.

Khao Soi - This dish was tasty, but I also preferred the ST version. However, at this location, the beef was braised beef, and we liked that more than the beef slices at ST. So they need to merge the two versions to have a perfect Khao Soi for me.

Gaeng Phed - This red curry was about the same in both places.

Khao San Road was still very delicious, but I prefer the ghetto-er, cheaper counterpart on the east end of downtown.

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