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Work Lunches

Posted: 08/21/11

Work Lunches

Restaurant: Boston_Pizza East_Side_Marios Oakville

Nelson @ Oakville: Here's a bunch of my lunches in the Oakville area. The top is East Side's and I really enjoy eating their unlimited salad and bread to start. Even at lunch, but I did pay dinner prices. The lasagna was decent too, filled with sauce and cheese.

The rest are from Boston Pizza. My first impression of them was negative but now it is definitely positive after trying more items on their menu. The first is a chicken and mushroom fettuccine (Sautéed tender chicken breast and fresh mushrooms, tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce with fettuccini, chopped tomato and green onion), which is quite a large portion and decently tasting too. The last picture is an Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (A tender chicken breast breaded, fried and topped with pomodoro sauce, roasted red peppers and melted pizza mozzarella on a toasted ciabatta bun. ). The bun was nice, but having the roasted red peppers was my favourite part. Could use a tad more sauce though. Overall, their dishes are typical fare, but done well, plus I enjoy their side salads. So now Boston Pizza is in my good books.

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