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Chinese, Peruvian, Canadian, Italian, and Soup!

Posted: 08/19/11

Chinese, Peruvian, Canadian, Italian, and Soup!

Restaurant: none

dre: Over the past couple months, I've been lacking creativity in what to make for dinner. I went with an old favourite, the Shanghai mushroom noodles which I added pork chops to, but you can only eat so much of that.

I decided to look up Lomo Saltado, a dish I ate a lot in Peru. My version wasn't as good, and I think it was the cut of beef I used. It was pretty easy, so I think I'll try it again to perfect it.

I bought some green peppers, and decided to make stuffed peppers. This was also surprisingly very easy as well, and I think I'll make this more often.

One week, a block of cheese was on sale, so I bought it, knowing that it would be a treat for Mike. I made macaroni and cheese with it (not shown), but I didn't eat any of it haha. Instead, I made myself a pizza with pita bread, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. This was yummy.

I tried making some soups, but since it's summer, I feel that the weather is too hot for soup, so I'll wait until winter to utilize my slow cooker more.

Finally, I remembered that I had some basa fillets in my freezer, so I marinated it with spices and baked it. On the side, I made a couscous salad and fried some potatoes and zucchinis. Very light and healthy!


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