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Ruby Tuesday's

Posted: 08/07/11

Ruby Tuesday's

Restaurant: Ruby_Tuesdays

Nelson @ Detroit: I think this chain is only available in the USA, but my first impression was a positive one. Starting with the bread....soo buttery, cheesy and tastes full of fat. These were really good.

We ordered some of their fancy drinks and were pleasantly surprised with how good they were. Berry Fusion: Pineapple and cranberry juices are fused with the taste of fresh berries. Blackberry Fizz: the tanginess of blackberries paired with lime juice, club soda, and a dash of sweetness, tumbled twice, served over ice then finished with a sprig of fresh mint. The berry fusion was better than the fizz, but the free refills was a nice feature.

Lobster Carbonara: Chunks of tender lobster are blended with a rich Parmesan cream sauce and tossed with spring peas, chopped bacon and a bit of butter then served over tender, perfectly cooked linguini pasta. Kitty had this dish and it included gigantic chunks of lobster. You definitely did not feel ripped off with the amount of lobster in this dish. The pasta was slightly overcooked though, but overall a very tasty and hearty dish.

Chesapeake Catch: Spicy, broiled tilapia crowned with a crab cake made with jumbo lump crab meat then topped with Parmesan cream sauce. Quite a lot of crab on top of my fish in this dish. The flavours were really heavy, with the crab smothered in the cream sauce. The onion rings were heavily battered and exteremely deep fried and were quite good.

Overall, very heavy tastes here, but tastes good overall. I would go back and try more of their dishes, especially since their bread is so good as well as their refillable special drinks.

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  • everything looks like huge portion sizes!
    grace @ 2011-08-07
  • Haha Chard and I always say about this place - bottomless specialty drinks!
    Kevin @ 2011-08-09

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