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Shucking Oysters at home!

Posted: 07/30/11

Shucking Oysters at home!

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: Kitty loves oysters, so one day she had friends over and they brought some from Diana's Seafood.

The first pictured one is Moonstone from Rhode Island. They are large, flat and circular in appearance. I found them generally salty and watery, although the second I tried wasn't as salty.

To go with the oysters was a loaf of fresh baguette. It goes well with this meal.

The next oyster is the Shigoku (or Ultimate in Japanese). From Washington, these are deep, spherical oysters with a meaty, light taste, slightly like cucumber. I really enjoy these.

I also cooked up some vegetables (onions and mushrooms), this one is with more western ingredients, like wine and butter.

The large oysters were called Lambertini from BC. I thought these were very salty and only ok.

The other onions and mushrooms were prepared in more of an Asian style with soy sauce

Kumomoto is the next type of oyster, and these were very tasty, not salty or fishy, just really really good. I suppose milder than the other ones and good for beginners.

The next picture shows some Uni (Sea Urchin) that is often considered a delicacy. This is my first time trying it, but I think it might be more interesting when served in the restaurant if the spiky shell is included. It has a really unique texture, creamy and soft, but the taste is salty like the sea, plus another distinct (Uni?) flavour. It wasn't my favourite, but I would eat this again.

Lastly we had some Fanny Bay Oysters from BC. These are big and not fishy at all and in my notes I wrote that it tasted like something else, like a vegetable zucchini. I think I was trying to describe a cucumber. That taste was very strong in this oyster and is surprising that a shellfish can taste like a vegetable!


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