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Fourteenth and Final Stop: Duff's Famous Wings

Posted: 08/18/11

Fourteenth and Final Stop: Duff's Famous Wings

Restaurant: Duffs_Famous_Wings Toronto

dre and Nelson @ College & Manning: On our last stop, we ran into some bad luck of having to wait for a table for 9. We almost gave up waiting at Duff's and was going to go somewhere else. However, the bars were full everywhere because of the Canucks/Bruins game going on, so after wandering for a bit, we decided to wait it out at Duff's bar and had some shots instead haha.

Beer always goes well with wings, so I had a Rickard's White, which is my new on-tap favourite. Kitty had a Mill St. Organic, which is also good on tap as well. The wings came with big fat celery sticks as well, which really helped when I tried the Armageddon flavoured wings and I sucked the celery to alleviate the spicy pain instead of chugging the beer down.

We got 3 types of wings - Honey Garlic, Bold BBQ and Armageddon. Armageddon was the spiciest flavour they had and all the boys ordered chocolate milk to soothe the pain. (Nelson: I didn't need the chocolate milk :) When you eat it, it burns your whole mouth and you are in pain from the spice sensation. I've had worse though, so I had two. I like their Bold BBQ flavour because their sauce has a little extra taste. For some reason some of the wings were shriveled up and looked half eaten. My first time here [Richmond Hill location] did not have this problem, so I was a little disappointed.)

I didn't find their wings that great. The batter and coating was hard and dry. The sauces were okay, nothing special. Kind of disappointing, because it comes up when you search "Toronto best wings" in google.

Despite the last place being so-so, it was still a great day of eating, walking and just hanging out! I can't wait to do this again!

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