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Thirteenth Stop: Sneaky Dees

Posted: 08/17/11

Thirteenth Stop: Sneaky Dees

Restaurant: Sneaky_Dees Toronto

dre and Nelson @ Bathurst and College: My favourite place for nachos and cheap beer! I really wish I found this place while I was in university. It's definitely not a place I'd go in on my own because it looks intimidating with all the graffiti, but I'm glad Jen raved about it so much that I ventured in on my own the first time.

We got 2 types of nachos - the King's Crown and the Hawaiian nachos. I've had them both, and I really like how the topping to chip ratio is much higher than most places. Jen had taught me to ask for the sour cream and beans on the side so that the nachos don't become all soggy and you can get to all the layers. I forgot this time, but will remember next time!

Nelson: Some of the best nachos I've had because of the insane amount to toppings. I've never seen so much guac, sour cream or cheese on top of nachos before, and I love that. Definitely very hearty and filling. Sneaky Dee's on Urbanspoon


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