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Tenth Stop: Cora Pizza

Posted: 08/15/11

Tenth Stop: Cora Pizza

Restaurant: Cora_Pizza Toronto

dre @ Spadina & Harbord: Ahh, university days. Cora Pizza and its neighbour Papa Ceo have been around for a long time. These were our go-to places for snacking back in 1st and 2nd year. I've tried them both, and honestly, they taste the same to me, but I think people tend to like the first one they tried. That's the reason I tend to go to Cora rather than Papa Ceo. (Nelson: I used to visit one when I went to camp at U of T, but don't remember which one now. The pizza itself was quite tasty with lot's of toppings and it's a good deal)

Each slice is a quarter of a large pizza, so it's a pretty good deal for $4/slice compared to chain pizza places. We got three slices to split with 9 people, and we chose Texan (ground beef, mushroom), Meatluver (ham, ground onions), and Cha Cha Cha (roasted chicken, roasted red pepper, mushroom, onion).

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