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Fourth Stop: Sukho Thai

Posted: 08/11/11

Fourth Stop: Sukho Thai

Restaurant: Sukho_Thai Toronto

dre and Nelson in Corktown: At Parliament and Dundas, there sits this small hole-in-the-wall looking Thai restaurant that my coworker had recommended. I didn't realize how far out of the downtown core it was, but since we were coming from Distillery District, it was just a couple blocks north. Thankfully, the rain had stopped, so we took our time walking.

The place was really small, and at this point, our group had expanded to 7 people. We ordered three dishes to share.

Khao Soi - yellow noodles in curry gravy with beef. I really really really liked this dish. The sauce was so flavourful. I liked the crispy noodles at the top. (Nelson it looks impressive, but we arrived too late to see it. I'll have to order it again next time I'm there) It was sooo yums.

Sukhothai Pad Thai - This was one of the most flavourful (used again for the lack of a better word) pad thais I've ever had. The spices were mixed so wonderfully and this was delicious. (Nelson: it tasted different from most other Pad Thai's I've had and I think it's because of the lack of ketchup. Still excellent though).

The last dish we got was Gaeng Phed with chicken. This red curry dish had big chunks of squash in it, and that was my favourite part. This was really good too.

Too bad this place is so out of the way from the downtown core, but there is a sister restaurant, Khao San Road, at Adelaide and Peter that is owned by the same owner. I ended up trying that place a week later and will post in a couple weeks. :)

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  • LOVE SUKHOTHAI! We went there with Jen
    Robyn @ 2011-08-12
  • yes! my new fave Thai place! Too bad it's so far from everything
    dre @ 2011-08-12

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