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Second Stop: Uno Mustachio

Posted: 08/09/11

Second Stop: Uno Mustachio

Restaurant: Toronto Uno_Mustachio

dre @ St. Lawrence Market: We headed downstairs, and to my delight, Uno Mustachio was opened for lunch! The first time I heard about this place was from Mike's cousin Alan, who eats a lot, and he said that there's always a long line up during the weekdays for lunch. He said that the sandwiches are huge, and that sold me to try out this place. I love Italian sandwiches and can't get enough of them.

We picked up a veal sandwich to share among the 3 of us. The sauce was amazing, and I enjoyed my third of the sandwich. Next time, I want to try a meatball sandwich. Those balls look good!

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  • I am from Winnipeg and I ate here 2 weeks ago. It was terrific, I had the chicken and eggplant sandwich and now that I am back home I can only dream about this sandwich :)
    Joan @ 2014-10-02

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