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Start of the BiteMe Food Crawl Posts

Posted: 08/08/11

Start of the BiteMe Food Crawl Posts

Restaurant: Carousel Toronto

dre @ St. Lawrence Market: The next week's posts is a series of eats from the first ever BiteMe Food Crawl Extravaganza! We spent a whole day wandering around Toronto to tryout pre-determined restaurants. These food joints that I picked were a mix of old favourites, suggestions from friends, family, and coworkers, and recommendations from the internet. It was neat, because as the day went on, people would join in and leave as their schedule permitted. It was a fun day that started out rainy, but turned really sunny afterwards. To see the pics of all the adventures, you can check out our Facebook page.

We started off at St. Lawrence Market where 3 of us shared 2 sandwiches. The first sandwich was from Carousel Bakery, which is known for their "World Famous Peameal Bacon Sand­wich". It was funny, because, many places in St. Lawrence sold peameal bacon sandwiches, so I'm not sure what was so special about this place.

The sandwich had 3-4 slices of bacon in it, but didn't seem that special to me. Maybe I was expecting it to melt in my mouth, but I found the bacon a little bit dry. Next time, I will try the breakfast sandwich that comes with egg as well (but less bacon).

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