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Sagano Osaka Course

Posted: 07/24/11

Sagano Osaka Course

Restaurant: Sagano Toronto

Nelson @ Sagano: This restaurant sits atop the Delta Hotel in Scarborough, and as a hotel restaurant is also very pricey. Luckily we had a discount (from Ken buying a package to surprise Teresa) which made it more affordable.

I ordered the Osaka course with lobster tail and beef tenderloin, which at $62 I would never normally order. It also included a miso soup (Japanese soup garnished with shiitake mushrooms, green onions and tofu), Sagano Salad (assorted greens with mandarin oranges and sliced almonds served with Sagano house dressing), Sashimi and Agemono (shrimp and vegetable tempura). I enjoyed the salad, but otherwise, everything else was pretty typical Japanese food.

The lobster tail was nicely cut out already and had a bit of buttery sauce, which tasted distinctly non-Japanese. The steak unfortunately was overcooked, especially after I had ordered raw. It was closer to medium. When I protested, the waitress pretended not to understand my complaint and insisted that I wanted it cooked more....so I unhappily ate it. I thought it was a language barrier, but later on we learned that the waitress was actually Cantonese speaking!

Kitty ordered the Maguro Steak, grilled tuna steak served with teriyaki and ginger sauce. I had a bit of the tuna with tasted good.

So far nothing too unusual (except for the prices), but the desserts really stood out in presentation and redeemed the meal completely. You'll see...

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  • I like this place - but yes, pretty pricey!
    dre @ 2011-07-25

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