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Oktoberfest at Karlsberghaus

Posted: 07/20/11

Oktoberfest at Karlsberghaus

Restaurant: Kitchener

Nelson @ Kitchener: I'm so far behind....I'm posting Oktoberfest photos. We went to the Aud, which is a hockey arena converted into a Festival Hall. It may sound weird, but it works. This is the schnitzel on a bun with sauerkraut for $5.50 plus $1 worth of potato salad. It was only ok, a little dry.

Later on, we had some snacks to go with our beer. And although the beer nuts and sweet and sour nuts are pretty good, the chocolate caramel popcorn was a revelation. Somehow I had never had any before and after one taste I was hooked. It's salty and sweet, which makes it really good. Maybe it was the beer talking, but I really enjoyed this snack.


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