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Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Posted: 07/14/11

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Restaurant: NYC Sophies_Cuban_Cuisine

Nelson @ NYC Financial District: This place is right in the heart of the Financial district and it's a casual diner! Must be expensive rent.

Kitty had the special which was some sort of wrap with pork and plantain. This came out hot and was very tasty. I think the plantain adds some sweetness and wetness to make this really good.

We tried some shakes, one called a Mamey. Apparently Mamey is a Central American/Caribbean fruit. It was decent, had a distinct taste but wasn't too strong.

I had the oxtail with salad and fried sweet plantain. I really can't get enough of plantains....I love that stuff. The ox tail I quickly remembered has a lot of bone, so it's mostly about the sauce and cooking it enough so that it becomes tender.

Pretty decent casual fare and seemingly authentic as well. Pleasantly surprised they can afford the rent!

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