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Spot Dessert Bar

Posted: 07/12/11

Spot Dessert Bar

Restaurant: NYC Spot_Dessert_Bar

Nelson: When a dessert place has an Omakase (Japanese for Tasting menu) option, you know they are serious. Really creative dishes here with attention to quality that you'll soon see.

The first picture is a Satay Peanut Crema, concord grape sorbet, condensed milk bacon toast. The Satay Peanut crema was so smooth, nutty, rich and flavourful. One of my favourites. The grape sorbet was refreshing and the toast tasted very bacony and made it salty and sweet.

Next is a daily special which was an avocado parfait with passion fruit foam. The foam was very thick, which was nice and had an excellent flavour to it. The parfait was only ok as the avocado taste was definitely there and distinctive but perhaps it is not sweet enough to contrast with the other sweet flavours.

Ovaltine & Malt Roll with rice crispies, kabocha, condensed milk IC (ice cream). Overall this dish wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. I like malt, but it wasn't that strong and I'm not a big fan of Ovaltine.

Another daily special, this is condensed milk ice cream, chocolate cake with Grand Marnier, mango tapioca. The chocolate was very rich, the mango a bit sour and gave it a punch, and the ice cream is like a really sweet ice cream flavour. Overall a good dish with interesting flavours that complemented and mixed well together.

Yuzu Eskimo: strawberries, oreo soil, passion fruit. The yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) tasted like an orangy lime. Nice presentation and a refreshing tasting dish.

White Miso Semifreddo: olive oil cake, raspberry sorbet, candied sesame. The taste of the cake is really complex and really tastes like olive oil...but it's not that sweet and hard to consider it a dessert, especially with the sweet raspberry sorbet.

We also had some coconut and apple mint mojito sorbet. The coconut tasted much like the coconut gelatos, but the green mint mojito was very refreshing with a bit of sourness and a bit of mintiness. A little like applesauce, but fresh. It was really a new taste sensation and I like it very much.

For the two cookies, we picked Chocolate mint and Chinese walnut. The chocolate mint cookie tasted like the ice cream, which is a good thing since I love that ice cream flavour. The walnut cookie was completely and utterly walnuty. I don't think walnuts themselves have this much flavour!

Finally the two cupcakes were Chocolate Green Tea Fruit Jam and Vanilla Caramel Vietnamese Coffee. The green tea component had a much stronger flavour than most green tea flavoured desserts I've had. The Viet cupcake tasted a lot like maple syrup.

I loved this place so much, I decided to get a cookie to eat later. I picked the peanut butter as that is my favourite cookie type and their version was exquisite. Exploding with flavour and with great texture made it fun to eat.

I'm usually not a huge fan of dessert, but this place was absolutely amazing. Very creative, with so many new flavours and textures for a dessert restaurant. Soooooo gooooood.

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  • Definitely on my list to go to the next time I'm in NYC!
    dre @ 2011-07-12
  • wow looking back that was a great dessert experience!
    grace @ 2011-07-12

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