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Kenka Izakaya

Posted: 07/08/11

Kenka Izakaya

Restaurant: Kenka NYC

Nelson @ St. Mark's: This is a really neat Japanese Izakaya because the insides are decorated with aggressive stylized Japanese art. It has a good atmosphere too and is a little hard to find because not only is it a basement but their large sign is all in Japanese. You have to look to the side on a smaller sign to find the English name. On their menu, they have really crazy items, such as bull penis and turkey testicles, but we didn't order either. Here are all the photos, but I don't have their exact descriptions, because we all kinda ordered randomly and their menu consists of mostly pictures.

The first pic is of clams on a bed of salt. The clams were really substantial and meaty, I've never had them so hefty. I wonder if including this much salt that is used mostly for decoration is expensive. Next is noodles (some special type that I don't know the name of) with seaweed on top. The next one is tofu with bono flakes on top and then a bowl of ramen.

The next picture is of natto, which is fermented soy bean. This is a really acquired taste because of how strong it tastes. I could only eat a little bit of it and then stopped since it was a little unpleasant.

I think the next picture is a japanese pizza, but I don't see any sushi, so i might be a pancake instead. Notice the bono flakes yet again. It's also on the fried noodles and takoyaki. I really liked their takoyaki as it can really be hit or miss to my tastes.

I really liked how they served the whole squid and just cut it in place. Sometimes the best presentation is the simplest. I think the beef dish we ordered was the tongue since it was so lean, and I suppose that is common at Izakayas? Even though the picture doesn't do it justice this fatty piece of tuna was amazing even though it was cooked. The grilled fish was decent too.

We also had a bottle of Shirataki "Jukusei no jozen Mizunogotoshi" sake and it was extremely smooth and tasty. Mike picked it out and it was a very good choice.

For dessert they have a cotton candy machine out front and you make your own! A fun gimmick and well appreciated. This is great place to go for the atmosphere and food and I highly recommend it.

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