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Posted: 07/06/11


Restaurant: NYC Vynl

Nelson: We visited this place for lunch and it is a record (music) themed restaurant. I really liked their tables and I've included two example pictures of them at the end.

The first pictures is of Kitty's Eggs Benedict(s), two poached eggs over black forest ham and english muffins topped with hollandaise with hash browns. This dish was decent with the potato has being especially crunchy and bit vinegary.

I had the Vynl Burger, house ground blend of hanger steak and filet mignon on a toasted brioche bun with fries. The burger was really meaty (although my picture angle doesn't show this) and the bun buttery. The fries are very thin and salty almost like chips or hickory sticks. I think they were fried in peanut oil and generally were really tasty.

The last picture is of the veggie burger, sweet onion, carrot, mushroom, red bell pepper, asparagus, sweet potato, tofu, black bean, spinach, lentils and chickpeas blended together and topped off with havarti cheese on toasted multigrain bread. It was like an omelet! It looked interesting and is not your typical veggie burger, so I took a pic.

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  • ahh yes, Vinyl. So-so food, but fantastic atmosphere. I liked the Elvis themed bathroom
    PMA @ 2011-07-08

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