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Chelsea Market

Posted: 07/02/11

Chelsea Market

Restaurant: NYC

Nelson @ Chelsea Market: A lot of neat stores in this market all housed in an unique building. Quite a fun place to go to.

These special cupcakes/cakes have really neat designs. A full Barbie? check. Elmo? check. Hamburger? check. Cookie Monster? check. Ninja turtle? check. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the place but really impressive stuff. We stopped to eat some oysters and tried Widow Holes (from Long Island described as clean, crisp brine and perfectly plump meat), Kumamotos (from California, small and creamy w/ noticeable cucumber flavour) and Malpeques (from PEI, full and firm great balance of sweet and salty). An excellent snack.

Otherwise, here's a shot of some interesting chocolates with flavours such as Earl Grey, Love Potion #9 and Wicked Fun. For something a little more substantial we had a Brazilian Guava & Queso crepe. The guava had a really concentrated taste which was very sweet. The black pepper is sharp and distinct and complements everything with balance. Novel combination and quite good.

Lastly is a classic hot chocolate from Jacques Torres. This is the best hot chocolate I've had in my life, slightly bitter, but extremely rich and thick. Yummy!


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  • Although this was in the fall of 2010, I was just back there this weekend!
    Nelson @ 2011-07-03

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