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Trying Out a New Italian Restaurant in Brampton

Posted: 08/04/11

Trying Out a New Italian Restaurant in Brampton

Restaurant: Antica_Osteria_Italian_Eatery Brampton

dre @ Hurontario & Mayfield: I decided to try another Italian restaurant in Brampton. The website was pretty impressive, and every time I passed the restaurant, I've always wanted to go in.

They gave enough garlic buns for the number of people at the table. They were delicious, and I could have eaten these all night haha

My dad got the Maille - Pork chop with apple calvalos sauce served with pasta and tomato sauce.

My mom got the Carne Trio - Grain fed chicken breast, New Zealand lamb chops, and a third type of meat that I can't remember in a chimichurri sauce served with tomato sauce pasta.

Mike tried the Risotto ai Funghi Tartufato - Medley of wild mushrooms & truffle infused risotto with a wedge of parmiggiano cheese. That was a huge piece of cheese on top that Mike didn't finish.

I got the Fettuccine con Aragosta - Lobster meat in our vodka tomato cream sauce served with fettuccine. It was originally served with gnocchi, but since I'm not a gnocchi fan, I asked for fettuccine instead. This was tasty, but very oily. The rose sauce was not bad, but I prefer the one at Osso Bucco more.

Since Mike told them we were celebrating my birthday (which was true), they gave us a free Tiramisu - Layers of espresso drenched savoiardi biscuits divided by mascarpone cream and dusted with cocoa powder. Mike's dad loves tiramisu, so I gave this to him (after blowing out the candles) and ordered for myself a NY Cheesecake - Light shortbread crust filled with rich creamy plain cheesecake topped with strawberries. This was one of the better cheesecakes I've had in a while, so I was pleased with this choice.

In general, the whole family preferred Osso Bucco instead of here. We may come back again to give it another chance in the future.

Lastly, my parents-in-law gave me a very cute and appropriate birthday card showing three things I love - whole cakes, cupcakes, and slice cakes.

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