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Biking Adventures With Food, Of Course!

Posted: 08/02/11

Biking Adventures With Food, Of Course!

Restaurant: Crumbs Lennys Swirls Toronto

dre @ Dundas & Islington: Mike and I went for a long bike ride one Saturday and ended up 30km away from our house. The trail was pretty nice, and if we kept going, it would have taken us all the way downtown. Instead, at the 2 hour mark, we stopped for food. I had looked up this place beforehand called Lenny's Pizza and Panini. It smelled delicious and we got the counter pizza special for $10. The guy tried to sell me a family tray of lasagna, but I insisted that it would be impossible for me to bring a family sized tray on my bike for 30km. It looked really good though, and one day I will make the drive to pick it up! The pizza was good, but unfortunately it wasn't heated enough.

On the way back home, we stopped by this cupcake place called Swirls on Dundas, and I was disappointed with the size of the cupcake. The taste was good though. Mike chose a lemon coconut cupcake, and I got the marble cupcake.

Clearly, the size of 2 of these cupcakes is the size of one cupcake from Crumbs in NYC. My friend brought a cupcake back for me when he went to NYC - and this Milkshake cupcake was delicious even for being a couple days old.

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