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A Very Disappointing Keg Meal

Posted: 07/29/11

A Very Disappointing Keg Meal

Restaurant: Niagara_Falls The_Keg

dre in Niagara Falls: We went to The Keg in Niagara Falls for dinner. We both decided to get The Keg classic dinners - Mike got the New York Classic and I got the Filet Classic. I enjoy their hearty salads, and since we didn't have to share, Mike got to eat his Caesar with lots of cheese.

We both got twice baked potatoes. I got to learn how to do this as they are soooo delicious (although probably very very bad for your health). Mike's steak was fine except he forgot to ask for peppercorn sauce, but no harm done.

I don't get filet mignon that often as it's more expensive than the prime rib, but it competes with the prime rib as my favourite steak. I flip flop over both and usual prime rib wins because it's cheaper. I balled out this night and ordered the filet mignon, but it was utterly disappointing. I asked for medium rare, but when I cut into it, there was no pinkness! Gross... I showed the waiter and he agreed that it was terribly overdone and took it away to get another one. Unfortunately, the second one, although a bit better, wasn't as rare as I would have liked. I didn't want to return it again, knowing that they are just going to throw it out and waste food, so I ate it, disappointedly.

I really like The Keg, so this won't deter me from coming back, although maybe not to this location. But it's a steakhouse, you'd figure they should be able to cook steak perfectly!

The up side to this story is that the manager gave us dessert and after dinner drinks for free, so we got to try the apple crumble and I got my cup of coffee on the house.

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