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Bad Peking Duck

Posted: 06/26/11

Bad Peking Duck

Restaurant: Happy_Garden Mississauga

Nelson: Happy Garden also has a deal for Peking Duck on Thursdays and I went with Kitty,Mary and Rob. We got the last one they had, and I think I know why. It was a bad one. It was burnt and did not taste fresh. But at least they could have had some decent pancakes, but their freshness did not impress either. Even though it has no effect on taste, the way the plate was presented after cutting the skin off was not appetizing at all. It is the worse Peking Duck I've ever had.

Otherwise, the meal started with the daily soup. We had also ordered a cantonese fried noodle where the noodle was a little inconsistently cooked (too crunchy and a little burnt in places). The egg and broccoli dish was ok. The second course for the duck was salty and also tasted a little burnt.

Completely disappointing meal. I wonder if it was because we looked so young and the restaurant thought they could get away with it. (No taro in the red bean soup either this time!)

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