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Cho Sun Ok

Posted: 06/24/11

Cho Sun Ok

Restaurant: Cho_Sun_OK Toronto

Nelson @ Yonge & Clark: Cho Sun Ok is famous for their cold noodles....and for good reason! This order is the Chik Mul Naeng Myeon + Dumplings which has thin arrowroot noodles in a special icy broth, served with side of fried (or steamed) dumplings. The appetizers were decent and at an average variety (6)and the dumplings were filled with pork and were tasty, but we're here for the soup.

It comes out bathed in ice with the noodles in the middle and the ingredients piled on top. You can see the sauce slowly leaking into the icy bath which makes for a great picture. The ice melts as you eat and keeps the noodles icy cold. Underneath all the ingredients is a spicy sauce. This is the perfect food for hot weather as the icy broth and subsequent icy noodles will cool you down while the spicy sauce will make you sweat. Otherwise, not a lot of other ingredients, but the dumplings are there to fill you up.

Other items on the menu include the standard pork bone soup (with potato and vegetables in broth). This one had a lot of mustard seeds, which is unique for this dish (I think...I'm not Korean).

I had a comparatively boring Yangpun-Bibimbap, which is rice topped with vegetables, meat (red chili paper paste) all served in a yangpoon pot. There's an extra bowl of purple rice and miso soup. Also well done.

A great spot for some great summer food. Check it out!

(PS the funniest thing is that the servers all shared KFC for lunch. I guess EVERYONE likes fried chicken)

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  • haha..you're really backlogged with your food eh? or did this one just slip through the cracks? =P

    Great post tho. Makes me want to go back again. noodles were amazing!
    Mary @ 2011-06-24

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