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Victor and Hannah's Dragonboat Wedding

Posted: 06/22/11

Victor and Hannah's Dragonboat Wedding

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Wedding

Nelson @ Richmond Hill: We almost picked this location for our wedding, but instead attended our friend's wedding. I thought the food was good last time, so will the wedding food be just as good?

The pork was nice and crispy with fat and they gave a little bit of bit instead of just skin which I like. The shrimp and scallop with snow peas was well done and nicely plated. Deep fried crab claws I almost always enjoy and these came out hot and fresh, so it was good. The shark fin soup....well I don't need to comment on this again. Abalone with mushroom and vegetables was decent, not really a connoisseur of abalone, so can't really judge well. The make good deep fried chicken here, a bit messily cut, but the taste is there. The fish and especially the lobster are well done here. Lastly the rice and noodles are good too.

The amazing thing about this wedding is that the bride baked her own cake! Crazy! And it looked really professional. The last picture shows the insides (chocolate) and it was quite tasty. I'm really impressed she could handle the extra work and stress that this required and have it turn out perfectly!

Otherwise standard desserts with mango pudding and almond cookies and red bean soup.

So I like their Chinese cuisine and they do a good job cooking and presenting.

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  • cool! thanks nelson! I just saved all the pictures!
    Hannah @ 2011-06-28

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