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Posted: 06/20/11


Restaurant: c5 Toronto

Nelson @ ROM: This restaurant is located at the top of the one of the 5 crystals located at the new ROM structure. It's a really nice, clean, angular space that impresses. Even their cutlery is nice, simple and elegant.

The first picture is the charcuterie plate which someone else ordered, so I didn't get to try very much, but I thought it was nicely presented, so I took a picture anyway. The bread service was great with one cheese bread that I especially liked.

Kitty ordered something really unique, the breaded Hokkaido scallop on milk bread (King mushroom confit, grapefruit & cucumber, sushi rice crisp, apple and daikon. Turns out that it's a scallop hot dog! Sounds cool, but unfortunately this dish's taste didn't go that well together. The sides were neat though.

I had the speckled trout: cookstown turnip petals, zucchini pearls, compressed celery, zucchini & red pepper puree. It's a tiny portion size, but I suppose that's to be expected. The zucchini pearls played with your expectations because they looked like peas, but didn't taste like them. The fish was a tad dry, but tasty nonetheless.

Seems to me such a fancy dining establishment (expensive) should be a little better than it was. Everything looked good, but appearances is just one aspect of a good experience. A tad disappointed.

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  • I think looks was put in front of taste at this resturant.
    Grace @ 2011-06-21

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