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Mains on the Salkantay Trail

Posted: 07/13/11

Mains on the Salkantay Trail

Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: Not only did they cook us great soup, the mains they served were also delicious! The cooks were amazing. They brought all the cooking equipment with them, stopped at the small villages to buy fresh meat and vegetables and fruit, and STILL beat us to the campsite. The head chef was 66 years old, which put us to shame, because he probably didn't huff and puff at the end of each day.

Our meals included:

  • Chicken with rice and potatoes and vegetables
  • Beef with macaroni, potatoes, and cucumbers
  • Breaded chicken with beet salad, potatoes, cauliflower, and fried rice. That meal was epic.
  • Fried rice, quinoa, avocado, boiled egg, and tomatoes and cucumber
  • Spaghetti with tomato salsa!

We were super thankful for them and they did a great job keeping us fed.


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