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Posted: 07/07/11


Restaurant: Peru

dre in Peru: During a bus tour, we made a stop in a village called Saylla. Here we had a buffet lunch. They tried to have a bunch of different Peruvian dishes for us tourists to try out, so I got to have some alpaca meat again. Those are the pieces of meat on the right side. Again, it was dry :(

There were other different dishes including (clockwise from the top) a vegetable stir-fry, spaghetti with meat sauce, alpaca, beef stir-fry, fried chicken (this was delicious), and rice.

Of course we had some vegetable soup.

The dessert was disappointing - an apple sauce thing (with no crumble!!) and rice pudding.


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  • So generally, chicken is good, dessert not. Soups every meal. Exotic guinea pig and Alpaca not that good.
    Nelson @ 2011-07-10

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