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MGM Brunch Buffet

Posted: 06/06/11

MGM Brunch Buffet

Restaurant: Las_Vegas MGM_Grand_Buffet

Nelson @ MGM Grand: Here for breakfast/brunch and the selection at their buffet is immense. Hard to try everything and this time around I couldn't even though I usually try to at a buffet.

I always enjoy the omelette station and had one made for me. Not enough room to try a waffle or the bread pudding unfortunately. There were hash browns, scrambled eggs, corn beef hash, home fries, eggs with salsa, bacon, sausage, biscuits and a variety of the regular breakfast foods. Notably I picked up a huge piece of smoked salmon cause that stuff is good and expensive. They had areas with specific specializations, including italian, which had pastas, cannellonis, polenta, lasagna, pizza, etc. They also had an Asian area with fried noodles, chicken, dumplings, sweet and sour pork, etc. I obviously didn't have any of these items. They had a roast beef, ham and sausage station (a station for fresh cut sausage is pretty rare). I liked the roll of fish you can see on one of my plates as it was tasty. (You can also see me attempt to be healthier by eating a salad).

The best part that I personally liked was the make your own taco/fajita area. I put on a lot of guacamole on mine. Unfortunately they didn't have any chunky salsa, which is my preference. It was ok, but for some reason the meats were a little cold, or because of the sour cream and gauc, it made the whole dish cold.

At first, I didn't think the desserts were that good and I was getting full, but I took a surprising number of choices back to the table. I tried a bit of cheesecake, white chocolate green tea mousse (which sounds good, but actually didn't taste like anything), a chocolate caramel tart and a strawberry tiramisu. And since I can't resist and make your own ice cream area, I had to try it. Plus I couldn't resist some cookie.

Too much food. Not spectacular, but definitely a lot of selection and I had a filling meal.

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