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Nathan's Famous

Posted: 06/03/11

Nathan's Famous

Restaurant: McDonalds Nathans_Famous

Nelson @ MGM Grand Food Court: After reading online that Nathan's Famous is almost exclusively popular for their hot dogs I regret ordering their chicken/bacon burger. I really do need to get a phone with data so I can avoid making such an egregious food choices. So not surprisingly it wasn't that good and the fries were really oily which can be good and/or bad. I will definitely have to go back and buy some hot dogs, maybe from their original location in NYC.

This meal was significant because there was yet another good deal that we couldn't pass up. 50 nuggets for $10. You gotta love the USA. No wonder they are all overweight. Ben ordered this for just himself! I have to admit that this is a good deal, and I almost got it as well if not for the McDs changing from dinner menu to breakfast late one night after clubbing. I had to admit I was a little disappointed. Ben ate 40+, but didn't finish the whole thing himself. Yup, this is what guys do when together.


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  • Only an alcohol addled mind would think that 50 chicken nuggets is ACTUALLY a good deal LOL!!!
    Grace @ 2011-06-04
  • This is lunch-time, before we started any drinking...yup this is what guys do...
    Nelson @ 2011-06-05
  • .. you can get 50 chicken nuggets? Is that like a Vegas only thing?
    Mugs @ 2011-06-06

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