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Mad Onion in Hooters Casino

Posted: 06/02/11

Mad Onion in Hooters Casino

Restaurant: Las_Vegas Mad_Onion

Nelson: Inside the Hooters Casino, there is a restaurant called Mad Onion. We just arrived and it was after midnight and we were all hungry. Yes, this is on a bachelor party. They advertise the Prime Rib special which is only $9.95, so logically we all had to order this 8 oz portion served with au jus, horseradish cream, garlic mashed potato, corn on the cob and rolls. It was actually one of the worst prime ribs I've ever had, with a lot of fat and tendon. The corn wasn't even good either.

But then we saw they had a special between midnight to 6AM for a $2.99 Colossal Country Breakfast, so logically we all had to order that as well. It came with this chicken or pork (I'm not sure) smothered in some weird white sauce. It wasn't very good, but at least the eggs, potatoes and toast were edible.

Undeniably the best part of the meal were the cornbread muffins. They were incredibly tasty with a little spice and the honey butter made it all that much better. These were excellent.

With all this bad food (besides the cornbread muffins) I was stuffed since there was so much of it. Oh by the way, when I write logically in this post, please replace it with stupidly. This is what happens when a bunch of guys get together.


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  • haha!!

    but at least there was good cornbread!
    dre @ 2011-06-02
  • I ate here for breakfast too when I was in Vegas. We were on a quest for a sit down restaurant that served breakfast after 11am. It wasn't very good.
    grace @ 2011-06-02

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