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Origin - Hot

Posted: 05/23/11

Origin - Hot

Restaurant: Origin Toronto

Nelson: Here are the main dishes, named "hot" that we tried and shared.

Chorizo + manchego rice + poached egg + salsa verde + dried black olive: The black olives are spread around this dish on the outside. Not a fan of olives but this was interesting way to have a taste of it. The best part of this dish was the chorizo sausage, but unfortunately the rice wasn't to my liking. The dish had a hint of cheese taste throughout from the manchego cheese in the rice.

Miso glazed black cod + soba noodle salad + ginger vinaigrette + miso broth: I didn't get much of this dish, but I think it was similar to the Japanese way of making it, with the cod having a nice fatty taste.

Grilled rock hen + cacciatore + orzo + arugula: The taste of the hen was exactly like a chicken, but it was still really good. The pasta was unique and also tasted really good.

Pan seared scallop + parsnip puree + bacon + rapini. The small bite of scallop I had tasted good, but for some reason the rest of the dish didn't go together well. The fish eggs were really salty while everything else was not. Maybe I didn't have enough of a taste.

Paneer & dried fruit samosas + apple + radish + jalepeno + tamarind sauce: This is a little disappointing as it just tasted like Indian food, but the only different was that it was served in shell that was very spring roll like.

Wokked & fried calamari + carmelized peanut sauce + pinapple: This was a very thai dish with the pinapple my favourite part. This was expectantly spicy, which is a good thing. Very brave of them to have a dish with such spice. The batter on the calamari was also very nice and it wasn't overcooked, making for a very good overall dish

Overall, the dishes here have been carefully constructed and there is great attention to detail. There are some really interesting combinations and for the most part the tastes work together well. A bit pricey to go regularly unless you don't mind small portions, but the quality is top notch. I highly recommend checking it out.

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